If you are new in crypto world and you are interested in backing our project and get our NFT, we made a short step by step tutorial on how to get your Racing Head.

Get your Maiar App on your phone. All you need is a smartphone with a SIM, running on iOS or Android.

Since Maiar is a non-custodial digital wallet, no verification is required in any country as of now.



Step 2 – How to buy eGLD

Follow the step by step video to get your first eGLD coin in Maiar App. This is the only way, for now, that you can buy our NFT and be in our Track Club with your Racing Head. Today on Maiar App the transaction we recommend is Transak ( 0% Fee ).

Step 3 - Mint you RHTC NFTs

If you followed all the steps till now, you are ready to mint your first Racing Heads Track Club NFT and join our exclusive community along side with well known race drivers, influencers and motorsport enthusiasts.

Follow the link under, connect your Maiar wallet ( wallet connect ) on Trust.Market and select how many HFTs you want ( there is no limit for now ), press mint and after you confim your transaction on your wallet, you are the owner of your unique RHTC NTF.